Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday's Good, Better & Best. #2

It was a busy week, I started out in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and ended up in Columbus, Ohio. Don't worry readers I'm not falling off, just doing God's Work. So now we're gonna try Sunday's Good, Better & Best Volume #2.

Paul Ellis' letter to the Post-Gazette: He is a Pittsburgh-based attorney and the nephew of the late, great August Wilson, America's answer to William Shakespeare. This week he wrote a letter debunking the myths associated with the Hill District's struggle to secure a Community Benefits Agreement with the Pittsburgh Penguins ownership/developers of the new Hockey Arena.

Jack Nicholson endorses Hillary:
One of America's iconic film stars drops a banging-ass video featuring clips from his movies mashed up into a quasi campaign commercial for Senator Clinton.

Is Will.I.Am Barack Obama's ghost media consultant?
The Black Eye Pea's front man releases the follow up to "Yes We Can", in the form of "We are the Ones", a quote Obama has been using lately based on a Hopi Indian Prophecy. *Note: Milwaukee's Campaign Against Violence popularized the term in late 2004.

Kanye Handimation?
I don't even have words for this, check it out.

Tit for Tat:
Who do you want answering the phone in the White House at 3am?

Hillary's pitch

Barack's counter

50 Cent disses Fat Joe:
I don't know about that one "Fi-tee", Fat Joe ain't no studio gangsta.

Michigan coach ON FIRE: Michigan Women's B-Ball Coach Kevin Borseth loses it during post-game press conference.

Music Video of the week: Knarls Barley's "Run"


Good Night, Good Luck and Have a Good Week!

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