Saturday, May 31, 2008

"You're calling for a fair reflection to a flawed primary."

Michigan Senator Carl Levin says to Harold Ickes during DNC rules committee. If you're really into politics, the DNC is holding a hearing on whether or not to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations at the party's convention in August.

Highlights include Congressman Wexler's impassioned plea, Harold Ickes' interjections and Hartina Flournoy's interrogation.

New development! Carl Levin has threatened to take Michigan's case to the convention in Denver, effectively extending the primary until late August.

We'll what happens...

Friday, May 30, 2008

"A Lot of White People Were Crying!"

Barack Obama is proving to be the person who gets into more trouble for things other people say than anyone on Earth. Chicago Catholic Priest Michael Pfleger made some loaded comments from the pulpit this past Sunday at Trinity Church. A lot of media has been picking up on this, I think it is silly. How is this any different from people who were official Clinton surrogates (Bob Johnson, Geraldine Ferraro, Senator Clinton herself) This dude resigned from Obama's faith steering committee some time ago. I guess this is the last ditch effort to wrest the nomination from Obama, stay tuned to CSPAN for the DNC meeting on Saturday.

Friday, May 23, 2008

NY Governor pardons Slick Rick!

Some good news from Albany, NY. Newly appointed Governor David Patterson pardoned hip hop pioneer Slick Rick for a 1991 gun charge. In 1988 Slick Rick released, "The Great Adventures of Slick Rick", often considered one of the greatest hip hip albums of all-time. "La Di Dadi" and "The Show", two songs he performed as a member of Doug E. Fresh's GET FRESH CREW, are unquestionably considered two of the greatest hip hop songs of all-time.

Over the years, the native Brit has dealt with legal problems stemming from the fact he is not an American citizen. The full and unconditional pardon should allow Slick Rick to seek relief from deportation from the federal immigration courts.

Cheers to Slick Rick, a true genius, pioneer and innovator.

My Personal Tribute to Slick Rick THE RULER!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

On Vacation in Key West: Feeling It!

I'm on vacation in Key West, thank my wonderful girlfriend for the fabulous choice. I've never been here before, but now I'm like this is place I want to retire or leave Pittsburgh for. It's like a quasi-3rd World Island on the tip of America. I don't mean 3rd world in a demeaning way, I mean it as a complimentary contrast to the hustle and bustle of the industrial rustbelt where I hail from. I like the fact I can bike or walk everywhere. I see what Ernest Hemingway must've seen in this island back in the day. I would elaborate further but hey i'm in Key West, taking in the sights beats blogging!

“The world is a fine place and worth the fighting for and I hate very much to leave it.” - Ernest Hemingway

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For Hillary...

Senator Clinton,

You're not going to win. You can blame it on whatever you want: unfair media, caucus states or old fashioned American sexism. You can fight on, it doesn't matter; the primary is over. You fought a hard race, now it is time bow out gracefully, I mean this is getting silly. Especially your "spokesperson" Geraldine Ferraro, who reaches new lows on a daily basis. On the Today Show this morning, Congresswoman Ferraro tried to say Obama's "Brush the Dirt Off Your Shoulder Moment" was sexist. Come on, this is sad, this is quite pitiful. I mean cut the crap about fairness and unfairness, you keep trying to change the rules in the middle of game. You can't cry foul when you're the one bending the rules at your whim. Cut the crap about "the will of people", if the DNC overturns this election, YOU will have went against the will of the people. You are destroying the party and the Democrats first true "rock star" in almost 20 years. If you take this away from Obama you will turn the Democratic Party back 150 years. Go ahead do it, I'm begging you to. People will riot all the way to Mile High City and make sure you go down on November 4th. After that they will never support the Democratic Party ever again. Senator, I'm appealing to whatever sense you have left in your narrow minded ego maniacal head. Stop It, It's over. The Clock has struck 12. Please stop and preserve whatever legacy you have left going down the drain.

Sincerly Yours,


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Investigative Reports: Hillary Clinton, what type of f_ckery is this?

Definition of f_ckery:: Word of Jamaican Patois Origin

1. Nonsense; To make no sense; Bulls_it.

2. Absolute bulls_it; utter nonsense; something rather suspicious that can bring forth uneasy, angry, or irritated feelings. The stunt pulled by people who don't know how to tell the truth or enjoy messing with people's heads as a hobby.

3. Unrest due to an excess of bad vibes given off by dishonesty, stupidity, fiendish demenors, or f_ckerism.

4. Derived from the term f_ck. Basically, a situation that has changed from being good to a complete f_ck-up.

5. A descriptive word used when something is just plain wrong.

Yesterday I received the following f-ckery email:

from Hillary Clinton
date Sat, May 17, 2008 at 12:57 PM
subject Count every vote

Hillary for President

Dear Friend,

Michigan & Florida - Make Sure They Have a Voice!

Millions of voters in Florida and Michigan are depending on you to help make sure they have a voice in this race. Will you stand up for them today?

Thanks to your efforts, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of people who have already spoken out, the DNC's Rules and Bylaws Committee is meeting May 31 to make a decision about whether or not the votes in Michigan and Florida will count.

Now I need you to urge the DNC to make the right decision on May 31. I need you to remind them that in the Democratic Party, we count every vote.

Tell the Democratic National Committee to count the votes of Florida and Michigan.

On May 31, the DNC has a chance to make it clear that the people of Florida and Michigan have a voice in our party. The decision is especially critical given the important role these states will play in November.

And your voice could make the difference for the millions of people who went to the polls in those two states to make their choice for president.

Stand with me today and tell the DNC to count the votes in Florida and Michigan.

I have consistently said that every vote must count. It is such an important principle in our party. I really appreciate you standing up for the values we share.

Thank you,

Hillary Rodham Clinton

P.S. Forward this message on to your friends, and urge them to join you!

I'm thinking to myself this is pure f_ckery, I can't believe they are still trying to play the f-ckery Florida/Michigan card. I'm at a loss for words, to call it desperate would be to state the obvious. There is something serious f_ckery afoot at this point and here is how the F_CKERY got exposed.

Last week on CBS's Early Show
, Senator Clinton's Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe was quoted as saying, "(Clinton) can move ahead in the popular vote. We're assuming we get Michigan and Florida resolved...On May 31st, the Democratic National Committee rules and bylaws will hear the case and they will make a decision. And if I were a betting man, they're going to let Michigan, Florida -- we cannot disenfranchise two huge states. So, I think that gets resolved on the 31st of this month...Hillary Clinton's 16.9 million people have come out and voted for her...So we're off, we're going forward."

NOTE: This is the same f_ckery dude who as DNC Chair in 2004 met with Michigan Senator Carl Levin about Michigan’s intent to move up their contest to an earlier date in the 2004 primary calendar. In his book ‘What a Party!’, McAuliffe had this to say:

“I’m going outside the primary window,” [Michigan Sen. Carl Levin] told me definitively.

“If I allow you to do that, the whole system collapses,” I said. “We will have chaos. I let you make your case to the DNC, and we voted unanimously and you lost.”

He kept insisting that they were going to move up Michigan on their own, even though if they did that, they would lose half their delegates. By that point Carl and I were leaning toward each other over a table in the middle of the room, shouting and dropping the occasional expletive.

“You won’t deny us seats at the convention,” he said.

“Carl, take it to the bank,” I said. “They will not get a credential. The closest they’ll get to Boston will be watching it on television. I will not let you break this entire nominating process for one state. The rules are the rules. If you want to call my bluff, Carl, you go ahead and do it.”

We glared at each other some more, but there was nothing much left to say. I was holding all the cards and Levin knew it."

Now if this ain't pure f_ckery, I don't know what it is..

If you like me are tired of this type of f_ ckery join me and we together can launch the "No More F_ckery Tour!" and end this type of f_ckery once and for all.

In the meantime join me in a tribute to Hillary and Terry:

Monday, May 5, 2008

Keeping with the Star Wars Theme...

My good friend Chris sent me this one:

There is no emotion; there is peace.
There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
There is no passion; there is serenity.
There is no chaos; there is harmony.
There is no death; there is the Force.
-The Jedi Code

Wisdom from Yoda for Obama...

Today, I took a break from my insane travel schedule and kicked it in Philadelphia with some my closest and dearest friends. I did get a chance to take in Meet The Press, the Celtics/Hawks Game and Michael Moore on Larry King. As I was clicking through the channels I noticed that "Stars Wars III: Revenge of the Sith" was on.

As I watched Yoda duel with The Emperor I began thinking that Senator Obama could use some wise council from none other than the Jedi Master himself at this critical juncture in the campaign. Yoda had faced much adversity during his long life such as: catastrophic accidents, loss, betrayal and near extinction of the Jedi. His experiences have given him the insight to be able to navigate the most daunting scenarios. Imagine if a long time ago in a galaxy far away, Barack Obama had the opportunity to chat with Master Yoda. What do you think Master Yoda would say?

Maybe something like this:

“Ready are you? What know you of ready? Grave danger you are in. Help you I can, yes.

Do not underestimate the powers of the Emperor. Remember, a Jedi's strength flows from the Force. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes.

Your ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Already know you that which you need. Always in motion is the future."