Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rob 'biko' Baker

Meet the New Executive Director of the League!

Sometimes the best leaders are right under our noses. Biko has been with the League since 2003. He came up through the ranks from Local Organizer to State Director to National Organizing Director and member of our executive team. Everyone is thrilled. We just wrapped up the best staff retreat we have had in our five years as an organization, and we were literally celebrating in the middle of it.

Biko is an incredible leader. He intimately understands every aspect of the League's work -- from the streets to the board rooms. He's a manager and a team builder; a moral leader who leads by example; he has a rare ability to build trust across divides. And he understands the numbers-driven science of organizing. In short, he's the whole package. It's already clear to me that Biko is going to be an amazing Executive Director. He's a natural. - Billy "Upski" Wimsatt

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