Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's My Birthday!

Yup March 22nd has rolled around once again. I can't believe another year has went by. Anyways, I'm still doing it big! This year we're bringing it back around the way, Northside that is.

So tonight, catch me from 6pm to 10pm @ the Young Bros. Bar, 1441 Woods Run Ave. (corner of Woods Run & McClure Aves., Woods Run section of the Northside) Immediately afterwards we're off to Olive or Twist (Downtown Pittsburgh) for Nate the Phat Barber's Black Party!

Just got back from DC at the Take Back America Confab, it was real cool. I did several interviews and apparently a lot of my friends and family listen to the shows I was on. Have a listen to my appearance on Talk Radio News

So as I get ready for extended hours of partying, I'll leave you with something semi-reflective/contemplative/Northside cocky, but no matter what I'll never forget y'all!

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