Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday's Good, Better & Best.

I'm trying something new here at Dionedga 412. I have dubbed it "Sunday's Good, Better & Best", a listing of my favorite youtube clips, with a little sprinkle of Diondega in the form my humble opinion. Enjoy, I hope.

But before we go there...

Once Again It's On!

Ralph Nader is back in the game: In 2000, Ralph Nader ran for President as the authentic alternative to Al Gore's "progressive light". Many still blame his third party candidacy for George Bush's narrow victory. This morning on Meet the Press, the quintessential consumer advocate announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Imagine what would happen if Nader was blamed for spoiling an Obama victory this November?

Clinton and Obama: With the once unbeatable Clinton's Express barrelling down the road to nowhere, Clinton threw the gloves off after a congenial debate Thursday night. Senator Clinton compared Barack Obama to George Bush, calling a recent Obama direct mailing criticizing Clinton's health care plan and NAFTA's record stealing jobs from the rust belt. Clinton chastised Obama ordering him to, "Meet me in Ohio!" Is this a desperate last resort attempt to score an upset knockout or a legitimate knock?

Sunday's Good, Better & Best!

Allen Iverson hearts Michael Jackson: Denver Nuggets star forward Carmelo Anthony outs Allen Iverson as a MJ superfan saying, "he's probably the biggest Michael Jackson fan of all time, I know he don't want me saying this, but..." Now we know what he's doing when he's not at practice.

Republicans, Democrats and Wiretaps Oh My: Recent republicans and democrats released competing videos that contrast their positions on intelligence. The Republicans feel like we should sacrifice civil liberties for security. The Deomcrats take the Ben Franklin position, "

The Republican Take:

The Democratic Take:

Investigate a Super Delegate: Why Tuesday's Jacob Soboroff launches the Super Delegate Investigation Project. Find out more about these democrats who put the "smoky" in back room politics. Or is it the "backroom", or smoky politics?

Check Out Terrelle Pryor: He's one of the most sought after High School QB's in the history of Western Pennsylvania. What is that so special? For your information: Dan Marino, Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Jim Kelly and Joe Montana are just a few of the QB's who are from Western Pennsylvania.

A transparent and honest Hillary: A great spoof video.

And finally...Do Words Matter?

Hell yeah!

But whose words are they?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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