Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Barack Obama's to do list to wrap up nomination.

Last night, Barack Obama continued his momentum, propelling his "improbable" campaign closer to a historic nomination. With a favorable campaign calendar ahead before upcoming battles in Ohio, Texas and Pennsylvania; the junior Senator for Illinois can close the door on Hillary Clinton's once inevitable and invincible candidacy. If I was Senator Obama this would be my to do list for the month of February.
  1. Harness the momentum and quietly begin to convince the voters and insiders the race is over.
  2. Talk up NAFTA, job losses and the economy to rust-belt voters in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
  3. Correlate economic tough times in the rust-belt to the costs of the war.
  4. Win Wisconsin decisively.
  5. Talk like the underdog, walk like the nominee.
  6. Show your toughness.
  7. Convince John Edwards to endorse you.
  8. Decide whether Ohio or Texas is more winnable and go win one of them.
  9. Study up and nail the Ohio and Texas debates.
  10. Lay groundwork in Pennsylvania now in the event Clinton wins Ohio and Texas.
  11. Continue to draw contrasts with John McCain, giving voters a preview of how you'll aggressively take on the GOP.
  12. Get more and more specific as the weeks go on.
So get to it Senator, below is a tutorial how to do one on your I-Pod Touch. (If you have one.)

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Bram Reichbaum said...

13. Encourage Joe Biden to be your running mate, provided he makes some specific public reflections and apologies. Encourage him strongly. Unveil a week before the PA primary.

Send it up the chain of command.