Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grand Slam!

Barack Obama goes 4 for 4 this weekend, continuing the momentum he's been picking up post-South Carolina. On Saturday, he carried Washington, Louisiana and Nebraska in convincing fashion. Today, won the state of Maine with 57% of the vote. With the Obama friendly "Beltway Primary" in the crosshairs on Tuesday, Barack could wake up Wednesday morning with seven straight victories and 21 primary victories to Clinton's 10.

The question will be can Clinton afford to wait for a March 4th firewall in the Buckeye and Lone Star states; or will Obamamania be unstoppable especially if he carries Wisconsin on February 19th?

We're heading into the bottom of the 5th inning of a 9 inning game, if Obama has as good of a bullpen as he does a lineup, he'll be the democratic nominee for president.


Schultz said...

The Clinton campaign came up with a code name for it's new strategy of putting the entire race on one state; it is called "Rudy Guliani"

biko said...

Hey K...can he win PA?

Schultz said...

"Yes he can"

I think he can win PA but it could be over before it gets down to the keystone state.