Monday, February 11, 2008

Obama wins four states and a grammy.

Obama bests Hillary, Bubba, Jimmy Carter & Maya Angelou in a 48 hour span...

This weekend Obama won four states convincingly, continuing his historic run for the democratic nomination. His most impressive win this weekend may have been his Grammy for spoken word album. Obama defeated former Presidents Clinton and Carter, Alan Alda and Maya Angelou for the audio version of the book, "Audacity of Hope".

Obamamania was felt throughout the Grammy Awards with Will.I.Am & John Legend, both who appeared on the "Yes We Can", video were featured in live performances. The most telling moment of the night was when Herbie Hancock, chanted YES WE CAN after winning the album of the year award.

This was his second Grammy.

In other Grammy news, Kanye West killed it with a heartfelt tribute to his mother the late Dr. Donda West. He also took his good old time when he accepted the award for hip hop album of the year, continuing his speech well after the "wrap it up" music started playing. Hip Hop legend Nas made a splash as well, wearing t-shirts promoting his soon to be released album, "N-gger". Check out his red carpet interview on CNN.

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