Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Soundbite?

Over the past week or so, it seems like Sarah Palin is proving to be more of a One-Hit Wonder than the full package the Governor is being presented as. The media appears weary of the way the McCain campaign is "handling" her, or some would say out right barring her from any uncontrolled interaction with the press. During a clumsy interview with Charlie Gibson, the so-called "Barracuda" was more like a robot repeating pre-programmed responses or a 1980s pop-star doing the 200,000th rendition of their one hit song, pretty uncomfortable to watch.

This week Sarah Soundbite topped herself in her interview with Katie Couric on CBS. I'm not going to ruin it for you, check it out yourself:

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Michaek said...

yeah, that interview hurt to watch. i winced, repeatedly. i actually felt bad for her - that her ambition propelled her into a role she is so completely unsuited for (not to mention unqualified). no wonder the campaign won't let her talk in public...