Monday, September 1, 2008

The Fall Sprint has begun...

I spent last week in the euphoria of the of the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO. A week that started semi-shaky with loud grumblings from Clinton loyalists, ended in dramatic fashion with a unified and renewed democratic party, a party poised to dominate American politics for the next 25 years.

I first arrived in Denver just hours before the Joe Biden announcement. As I walked the then empty streets of Denver's growing western metropolis, I couldn't have anticipated the impact of the week's events.

Major highlight's included: SEIU's kickoff party, the CBC Insitute's party, the Youth Council's press conference, the America Votes/Catalist briefing, the Vote Hope luncheon, the Bus Project's block party, Planned Parenthood's party, Rock the Vote's Party and Joe Biden's address to the PA delegation on Thursday morning.

The most incredible thing about the week was the build up of momentum. On Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, things moved quite slow and there still was some sense of disunity in the party. But beginning on Wednesday a crescendo began to build culminating with Bill Clinton surgical masterpiece and Joe Biden's colorful oratory.

On Thursday morning it was clear. Democrats were unified and understand the importance of this election. Throughout the day, you could feel the energy in the city streets from Governors to Janitors to even the street vendors who selling t-shirts that said, "Black Man Running... And It Aint from the Police".

As I walked up to the stadium I was in complete awe. To be in a building filled with 90,000 women and men of all races, ages, lifestyles, income levels, religions and backgrounds waving flags, singing and dancing for the purpose to moving our country into a more enlightened age was deeply humbling. Yeah I said it, "waving flags, singing and dancing", it sounds corny until you're right in it. It makes you think
man, love of country can be a beautiful thing.

As I left out of the stadium, I felt a collective sense of purpose, unity and mission that I didn't feel on Monday and Tuesday. It wasn't until I watched the replay did I realize how amazing the event looked on TV. The imagery, the message and delivery places this event in the pantheon of great political rallies.

Now the hard work begins to ensure that last night is truly the beginning of a reawakening in this country, the birthing of a New America, a New World and brighter future for all of humanity.

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