Monday, September 15, 2008

Obama Hits Back

For all you Democrats that wanted Barack to hit back, you got your wish.


Schultz said...

THAT'S RIGHT! BO AIN'T GOING DOWN THAT EASY!! HE IS ALI, floating like a butterfly and now he is stinging like a bee. HE NEEDS TO BE RELENTLESS in his attacks on McCain over the latest remarks on our strong economy. IF BO can hammer home the message that McCain is a disaster on the economy he will win states like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Wisconsin, and in the process, the presidency! Sorry for the CAPS but I AM FIRED UP!

Michaek said...

"Deception" is a much weaker word than "lie", and that's the word they need to be hitting on (I know it's said once in the commercial - but in a quote). I hope they're stepping up the intensity from here, because my sense is that this ad isn't drawing blood yet.