Friday, April 25, 2008

New York State of Mind...

This morning, 3 NYPD police detectives on trial for the murder of Sean Bell were acquitted of all charges, potentially setting off a tense weekend in the Big Apple.

Immediately after the verdict was handed down, as I traveled from my hotel in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn to the Dumbo section of Brooklyn, I heard murmurs and frustrations from scores of people unsatisfied with judges decision.

Many have called out for peace and calm, including Sean Bell's own family, we'll see if there appeals are heeded or not. I sense a real fervor in the streets of New York, stay tuned. I think this song by New York rapper Papoose reflects the mood of many New Yorker this afternoon.

*The views reflected in this song do not necessarily reflect the views of Dion Dega, Blogger.Com or Mike Bloomberg.

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