Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back from the flames...

Man the Pennsylvania primary took a lot of me. Sorry for the inconsistent postings. Here's a few thoughts about the Pennsylvania primary:

-The Machine beat the Movement: In a state like Pennsylvania, demographics weren't the only aspect that played well to the Clinton strategy; it was also the powerful democratic machine of Pennsylvania. A throng of elected officials, including over 100 mayors and dozens of party leaders all lined up to support the Hillary Clinton, even though he still has nothing more than a slim chance to win the nomination. That kind of thinking is counterintuitive to this crowd that never takes chances on eventual losers.

-Too Little Too Late: Obama had to much ground to make up and too little time.

-Rendell Was Right: Twenty percent of Pennsylvania Democrats said the race of a candidate played an important role in determining their vote. Clinton won those voters by nearly 20 percentage points, 59 percent to 41 percent.

In the end, I believe Pennsylvania got shortchanged. We are much more than beer drinking, deer hunting, ex-mill workers. We have a rich history, cultural legacy and potentially a bright future if we tackle the REAL PROBLEMS that threaten our prosperity. Issues such as:
-Infrastructure: Our crumbling roads, bridges and inadequate public transit systems
-The Economy: How do we turnaround our struggling former mill and mining towns?
-Crime & Violence: Over 500 people have been murdered in Philadelphia and Allegheny County since January 2007.

So as my parting shot, I give you Lt. Governor Knoll who typifies the flames of Pennsylvania:

Good Night & Good Luck!

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