Thursday, July 31, 2008

Political, but Politically Incorrect!!!

"The world is ready for change, cause Obama is here!" - Ludacris

The Atlanta based, by way of Chicago MC Ludacris dropped a joint called, "Politics" that is getting a lot of attention. Some are questioning will this a be another Rev. Wright moment, based on some of the controversial lines in the song such as:

- "Hillary hated on you, so that b-tch is irrelevant"
- "The only chair McCain should sit in is if he's paralyzed"
- "George Bush is mentally handicapped"

Well i'm not much for filling your head with my ideas, here is a sample of the song that you should hear more about in the days to come.

Well, i'm gonna editorialize a bit. I think this is pretty irrelevant. I am concerned about the misogyny not only in Hip Hop but in society in general. I think Ludacris could've been more tactful, but shit it's hip hop, it is not supposed to be politically correct. Oh well, I guess Ludacris f-cked up his shot to perform at the inaugural ball.

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