Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Been A Long Time...

In all the excitement of my state by state travels on behalf of an unnamed group that pays my bills, I didn't realize I have not posted in like a month. WOW

Anyway a lot has been going on, too much to keep us with:

- A grassroots movement to draft a young, smart & scrappy State Rep from the South Hills to run against Mayor Luke
- Mayor Luke throwing the City Council President's hat into the ring
- Bram got interviewed by the Feds
- The bonus-gate scandal in Harrisburg, hold your head PJ!
- Jesse Jackson went gangsta rap on Barack (Must've been listening to that new Weezy too.)
- Barack Obama's about to embark on this biggest European tour featuring an American since David Hassellhoff
- The New Yorker cover
- Lil' Wayne sells over million records in a week, discusses the prison industrial and disses Al Sharpton in one fell swoop
- Nas releases the NWord Album to critical and underground acclaim

Well, all this stuff is very entertaining in some way or another. If this is just a preview of fall 2008 & the beginning of 2009, well keep blogging, taking videos and sharing your most private thoughts over the airwaves.

In the meantime, my homie State Rep Tony Payton is ringing my phone...

Could be some good stuff!!!

Until next time enjoy this selection from the Microphone Fiend Rakim Allah

- Rakim Lyrics

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