Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Obama said knock you out!

Yesterday Senator Barack Obama got endorsed by the senior member of the Democratic Party's first family, Ted Kennedy. It is a huge boost to his campaign and could prove to be an effective counter to skeptics who question his experience as a lawmaker and national political figure.

Kennedy said Obama is a man with extraordinary gifts of leadership and character who can renew the belief that America's best days are yet to come. "My friends, I ask you to join in this historic journey to have the courage to choose change. It is time again for a new generation of leadership. It is time now for Barack Obama," he said.

It has been said that the Clinton's campaign tactics rubbed Kennedy the wrong way, culminating in Bill Clinton's comparing of Obama to Jesse Jackson after winning South Carolina. Coupled with JFK's daughter Caroline endorsing Obama in the New York Times on Sunday, Ted decided it was time to choose a horse in what is becoming one of the great horse races of in recent memory.

Kennedy plans a whirlwind tour through February 5th primary states to solicit support from Latinos, donors, unions and other segments from the traditional liberal wing of the party. In the next 7 days we'll see the effect his endorsement will have on this historic election.

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