Friday, June 6, 2008

I'll mourn ya' 'til I join ya'!

Today I received a shocking email informing me of a tremendous loss to the Pittsburgh community. 4-time Super Bowl Champ Pittsburgh Steeler Dwight White passed away this morning in Pittsburgh. The details surrounding his death are not yet known, I'm truly devastated by the loss.

In the last year, Dwight has become a mentor and a teacher to me and a true example of how to transition from the NFL to the game of life. A few months ago we were together and we talked about how the Patriots blew their chance to be the best team ever, he then asked me "Do you know who the best team ever was," as he pointed at one of his 4 Super Bowl rings. He didn't have all 4 on, but I tell you that everyone needs to see a Super Bowl ring up close. Talk about Bling!

I will miss his spirit, sense of humor and his no nonsense approach to life, business and politics. I remember the early meetings we had with him to get on board with Barack Obama's campaign. He asked all the right questions and raised reasonable concerns. Nevertheless, we got him on board and he ran to be an Obama delegate in Pennsylvania's April 22nd Primary Election. I'll never forget seeing him on stage with Joy Woodruff, Dan Rooney, Senator Bob Casey and Franco Harris on the friday before the election in PA. I can't believe that would be the last time I would see him alive.

Steeler fans get your terrible towels and wave'em one time for Dwight, we'll never forget you Champ.

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