Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Barack Obama's tribute to a dear friend...


I am writing to express my deepest sympathies on the loss of our friend Dwight White. On behalf of Michelle and our entire campaign family, I share my prayers with his family and friends today.

I came to know Dwight months ago, as he was one of my earliest supporters in Pennsylvania. I remember the excitement and the hope that he held for our future and the strong support he gave to me, to my staff and supporters throughout the past months. In the final days of the campaign here in Pennsylvania, Dwight and his fellow Steelers hopped on a bus and hit the road to stump for us in this great state. I will never forget his commitment to our cause and his incredible devotion not just to the Democratic Party, but to changing this country for the better.

I remember telling Dwight that coming from Hawaii I didn't have a home football team, so I always cheered on the Steelers. Dwight and I had a laugh over it then, but I always did feel that Dwight was on my team -- a friend who'd fight hard for what he believes in.

I will continue to keep his family in my prayers.


Barack Obama


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